No No Hair Removal Reviews

Published: 29th June 2010
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No No Hair Removal Reviews
removal device, I thought it was interesting. But when I noticed the price, $250 I was a bit taken aback. But after all it's much affordable than a laser treatment or monthly waxing. So I decided to have a go. But after three month of use, I can feel the difference now. I do agree that it doesn't remove hair completely overnight but it certainly lessened the growth to an extent that now after a month's use of no! no! the re-growth rate has subsided considerably and those few follicles that re-grow are not as obvious.
Here is a little insight into the product for those not so familiar with the device. No! no! Hair removal device is a small and portable hair removing device which can be carried around in a portable bag. It comes with chargeable batteries which allow a person to use it without any hassle with a chord. It is based on Thermicon technology. It comes with two thermicon tips suitable for various lengths of hairs that conduct heat along the shaft of the hair to the follicle and remove the hair at the point of contact. The initial version of no!no! is prohibited from being used in sensitive skin like face or genitals but the new no! no! 8800 series comes with fine thermicon tips and adjustable treatment level that can be used in face as well. Apart from just removal of hair, the device has a buffer which leaves the skin smooth by removing any kind of residue due to the process and also exfoliating the skin at the same time. The device is chemical free, mess free and painless. Also the device has been found to reduce hair growth and density by 60- 65% through clinical studies and test. The device can be used by both men and women.

certainly is painless. The thermicon tips gives a warm sensation when its burning the follicle but it is not much of a discomfort that should be considered at all. One thing that might bring a little bit of discomfort is the smell of the burning hair follicle. Initially it was a little unpleasant but as I continue using the device, the hair growth reduces which means lesser hair to be burned as time passes by, so after a month of use the smell had reduced considerably.
It takes about half an hour for me to use the device for my leg, armpit and my bikini line. As recommended, I started off with three times a week but this is my 12th week and I can even do with just 1-2 times a week. The true result of the device can be observed only after continued used over a period of time. My second month of use marks some missed sessions of no! no! and I had some unsteady re-growth but since then I had been using it regularly and now I see that my body hair is almost invisible. The device takes at least 8 weeks of continuous use to show significant result. In my case I was able to observe the difference by as early as 2nd week.
The price was a bit of a problem to me before I started using it but now I see that it was a very good investment that I did on hair removal expenses and for those peoples, who really want to keep the unwanted body hair on bay, let me tell you the device really works. However one should know that one cannot return the device once bought and used. It is company's rule in accordance to hygiene. Also time is one factor. For about two months I had to spend an hour to an hour and a half every week for it, which I used to do during the television time. Also one should know that the product itself doesn't promise complete hair removal but ensures a professional level result and can reduce the hair density and hair re-growth up to 65% with continued use.

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