Singapore Jobs For Filipinos

Published: 10th August 2010
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Singapore Jobs for Filipinos- how and where to find them

Looking for Singapore jobs and your filipino?

It is a well known fact that Singapore has been famous for its larger cousins for TEFL/ESL destinations in the global market. Finding a job in Thailand and Vietnam can be the dream of various people. This is because of the reason that the jobs demand highly qualified professionals and experts and give them lucrative packages in return. Teaching profession has become popular in Singapore for various outsiders. Likewise, Filipinos have great opportunities in Singapore as these people are sensitive, sincere and very committed to their profession and work. There are various reasons why Filipinos prefer to work in Singapore and some of them are elaborated below:

* One of the major reasons is that Singapore is located just four hours away from Manila. So, this is best for Filipinos who are looking for opportunities in Singapore. It has been noticed that more that thousands people from Filipinos have been recruited in Singapore. Some of the areas include domestic help, IT and Arts sectors.

* Because of their English accent and communication skills, IT and creative job sector in Singapore has opened its doors to various Filipinos. This is because of the reason that the English language spoken by local people of Singapore may not be understood by foreigners who are interested in business in Singapore and they are also tech people so they are perfect for IT jobs.

* The currency also makes lots of difference because Filipinos do not wish to work far away from their homes and dollar ratio of Singapore satisfies their needs and requirements. This is one of the reasons why most of the Filipinos want to work in Singapore.

* Because both places are not too far from one another. It is very easy for the people of Filipino to visit their home towns in weekends and come back on Mondays to work. They do not feel home sick working in Singapore. So, they can take break from their work and get re-energized and refreshed after visiting their home town.

Above mentioned are some of the reasons why people want to work in Singapore. However, in order to find the job of their dreams, they have to search a lot. Some of the sources which they must use are elaborated below:


There are countless websites on the internet which you can search and get the information about the jobs for Filipinos in Singapore. They provide the details of the job and requirements. You will be happy to know that you can even apply online on these websites and post your resumes. This can be one of the most convenient methods of applying for a job openings.

It has been noticed that you can find these jobs on various classifieds. It is possible to find the contact details of the recruiters which you can use and apply for the jobs. You must look for the job under appropriate category so that it is easier for you and your recruiter to get into further conversations.

Recruitment agencies

If you are looking for finding a job in Singapore, you can get registered with some of the recruitment agencies. They may charge you fees for registrations and they will have your updated resume. It is a well known fact that these people have contacts with the companies looking for suitable candidates. Depending upon the selection criteria and your requirements, they may call you for going for interviews. This is one of the best options for Filipinos to get jobs in Singapore. You do not have to worry about the procedures to be followed as these agencies have tie-ups with the companies. You can get the best suited job if you register with these agencies. It has been noticed that these agencies are providing jobs to millions of people living in Filipinos. This is the reason why it is considered to be most effective methods to get the jobs in Singapore.

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