Successful Filipino entrepreneur -Tony Tan Caktiong

Published: 07th June 2010
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Successful Filipino entrepreneur -Tony Tan Caktiong

Tony tan caktiong was a successful Filipino Chinese. He is known for setting up the ice cream parlor business in Manila. The full fledged business was started in year 1975. The ice cream business was running fine and he wanted to expand his food venture as fast food outlet chain. The man was inspired by the big brand names such as McDonald and it was about to enter Philippines during that time. It is known that he started his own chains of seven hamburger outlets under the name Jollibee in 1978. He along with his brother went to United States to study fast food business in 1979. During that time, they learnt the type of equipments used, food served, retail outlets and various other things related to food ventures.

After spending some time there, he decided to copy everything from big brand McDonald and it is amazing to know that he was able to make significant profits from these techniques and practices. He was well aware in advance that he would not be able to compete with the big name like McDonald, however, he pre-empted the entry of McDonald in his country.

These days, the prime focus of this company includes operational excellence, marketing, promoting the business with unique strategies, product development and social responsibility. By adopting these strategies, it has been successful in becoming the most popular and leading Filipino fast food chains and has gained the name in food industry. This has also been successful in beating almost all the multinational companies. The company has unique goals, vision and missions to face the challenges in the foreign market.

The company has made the difference by reading the customer's mind and provides them what they are looking for. The main goal of this company is to provide best customer service and hence gain their confidence. It has been observed that this company is the very first name which got listed under Philippines stock exchange. Thus it has become the globalized name in the food industry. All this has been possible by the efforts and skills of Tony Tan caktiong.

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