TESDA Courses- A Sure Way To Get A Job

Published: 15th June 2010
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TESDA courses - a sure way to get a job for the future

Filipinos from all walks of life should be aware that a course TESDA is a sure way to learn how to earn a living in their near future. TESDA or Technical Education and Skills Development Authority is in high school or alternative high degree of university education in the Philippines.

Led by Buboy Syjuco, TESDA seeks to train undergraduate students, dropouts, and under-privileged folk in various professions. From welding, call center training, sewing, cooking, hi-techskills such as web design and promotion to 2d-3d animation. These courses ensure a bright future

TESDA has scholarship programs that are absolutely free. Thanks FSAP (Private Education Students Financial Assistance Program) grants are awarded to freshman students qualified and promising

Some courses offered by TESDA for free


Mandarin - as China opens to the English language more and more Chinese are tryingto learn the language - where Filipinos Re taking Mandarin in order to be effective teachers of English
NIHONGO - always very popular, as artists from the Philippines to learn to sing traditional Japanese songs
ENGLISH - Call Centers in the Philippines, the need to say more?
ARABIC - oil jobs, foreman who speak Arabic more than 30% of wages
KOREAN _ 500,000 Koreans now call the Philippines their home, this figure should increase by 5% each year. Most Koreans are herelearn English.


COMMERCIAL COOK - cooks and restaurants shipping
Barista - more than 4,000 coffee shops have opened in Manila in 2007-2009 only

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