TESDA WEBSITE: A Government Initiative

Published: 10th May 2010
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TESDA WEBSITE: A Government Initiative

Technical education and Skills development Authority is a government body which was formed in order to help strengthen the workforce and manpower of Philippines. This government body trains people in vocational courses and number of other courses too which will help them to be self sufficient and independent.

Internet has reached every city, village and every home now and it has become one of the most common ways to reach people and hence almost every institution or government body or any public or private institution has their websites.

The TESDA website is designed with an aim of providing proper information to whoever wants to join its vocational courses. The website gives an overview about the initiative and the founders and the directors who handle its affairs.

It also gives in-depth information regarding the various courses it has to offer. There are a number of courses offered by TESDA. These courses include vocational courses like plumbing, sewing, repairing electrical equipment etc. People are also trained as caregivers and this is a certified course after which the person can work in any health care centre as a caregiver. These caregivers have a great demand overseas.

The aim of this website is not only to reach to the well educated, but also to make the lesser educated people aware of the fact that they can learn some vocation and live an independent life. These courses not only educate people but also give them a chance to better living.

This website lists all the centres where the courses are conducted. TESDA has centres all over Philippines which aids people of every strata of society take benefit of the courses that will help them be independent. Here students are also taught a number of languages. English is one major language taught here as it is globally accepted.

There is a TESDA call centre too. This call centre caters to queries and questions that people have to ask regarding the TESDA courses. A TESDA certification can assure you of a good job. This is primarily because at TESDA care is taken to see that quality education is provided along with proper training.

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